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Black History 365: A "VACCINE" FOR THE EDUCATION GAPBlack History 365 is an educational entity whose purpose is to create cutting-edge resources that invite students, educators, and other readers to become critical thinkers, compassionate listeners, fact-based, respectful communicators and action-oriented solutionists.Meet the authors of Black History 365, learn about African American History, and receive tools to implement Black History 365 curriculum. Attendees who register for the three-day experience will receive a digital copy of the full 1,258 page interactive Black History 365: An Inclusive Account of American History e-book ($150 value). Jan. 18, 2021 | 7PM CTMeet and Greet with the Authors Location: Instagram and Facebook LiveOne day in the not so distant future, you will be able to say that you met the authors of Black History 365: An Inclusive Account of American History. These visionary men followed their dream to bring a textbook to life that provides a truthful account of Black history before and after enslavement. After a two year journey, the book went to print on June 19, 2020 “Juneteenth”, which was symbolic of this purpose filled journey. You will be amazed by their story and marvel at your copy of the book.Presenters: Dr. Walter Milton and Dr. Joel FreemanBreakout Sessions Jan. 19, 2021 | 7PM CT BlackHistory365: The Elephant ExperienceAn Instructional Approach for Civil Discourse on "We don't talk about that." topicsHave you ever engaged in a conversation about the N-word or Slave Insurance? Some might call this topic too hot to handle! At BH365, we address these topics head on in with our Elephant Experience. In this session, participants will prepare a set of operating procedures to guide their discussion around a topic that has vexed our country for decades.Presenters: Dr. Joel Freeman and Dr. Walter Milton, Jr.Jan. 20, 2021 | 7PM CT BlackHistory365: The Sidebar ChatAn Instructional Approach for Equitable AccessDo you have students or peers who prefer an abbreviated, conversational approach to reading material? We do too! Whether it’s due to a lack of time or the need for comprehensible input, our Sidebar Chats allow the reader to understand the big ideas in upcoming content. In this session, participants will experience a Sidebar Chat and engage in a discussion grounded in Black history.Presenter: Dr. Andrea NelsonJan. 21, 2021 | 7PM CT BlackHistory365: Community Engagement ActivitiesAn Instructional Approach to Create Solution-oriented CommunitiesAre you looking for an approach to shape a future filled with solution-oriented individuals? You came to the right place! In this session, participants will experience one of nine activities ranging from addressing misconceptions to identifying solutions to real-world problems. Presenter: DeAndrea Fleming

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Registration to this workshop includes 4.5 CEU hours and a free copy of the interactive Black History 365 textbook e-book.

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