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Black Arts Retreat 2020 : “In Our Wildest Dreams” will be a VIRTUAL creative immersion experience for lovers and creators of African Diasporic Art and Culture, running December 8th-13th, 2020. Typically Black Arts Retreat curates in-person programs and experiences. But in the time of COVID-19, we have leveraged the virtual space in the realm of transnational organizing. In turn, we have asked ourselves: "How can we activate our dreams to create, protect, and radically envision the future?" Our 7th Annual Black Arts Retreat 2020 : “In Our Wildest Dreams” Features: SIX days of Workshops with LIVE and Offline Programming*, December 8th-13th, 2020.Artists and Facilitators from Europe, South America, the Caribbean, US and Africa.Performances, Creative/Wellness Events.Think Tanks surrounding the theme of Dream Space and the Power of Imagination.And MORE!*All Programming will be presenting via Zoom.IMPORTANT! PLEASE NOTE:Black Arts Retreat 2020: “In Our Wildest Dreams” serves as an offering, a meditation, and toolkit to continue to honor the creative within. We encourage folks to engage with these workshops as opportunities to build up your dreams, collective visions, and those quiet inklings of "What if...?" and shouts of change.CHECK US OUT ON SOCIAL MEDIA! & follow us on Instagram! Follow us at @blackartsretreat or search us with #blackartsretreat.QUESTIONS? Feel free to email us at BLACKARTSRETREAT(at)GMAIL(dot)COM with any questions.Thank You! We look forward to dreaming with you soon!

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