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Full titleGDAI Webinar #6: Between Afro-Pessimism and Naive Optimism - a Bias for Hope in Policy Making in AfricaDescriptionJohn Sender and Christopher Cramer will discuss their new book, written with Arkebe Oqubay, on African Economic Development. The air that policy officials breathe is thick with conventional wisdoms that need to be questioned, and with reflexes of pessimism or over-optimistic fantasies about the prospects for economic development, improving welfare, and structural change. The authors will present some of the main arguments underpinning a more realistic way of thinking about economic change, emphasising their 'bias for hope'. They will also highlight - more than most books on economic development - the huge significance of poor data.Register now directly on the Zoom registration link: can download the book 'African Economic Development: evidence, theory, policy' by C. Cramer, J. Sender, A. Oqubay for FREE:

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  • November 26, 2020 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM Ended
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Prof Christopher Cramer and Prof John Sender will discuss their latest book 'African Economic Development: Evidence, Theory, Policy'

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