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In 2020, the world has changed. We want more love, light, and hope. We want more diversity, equity, and social impact. At AYITI Gallery, we strongly believe that Art can satisfy our needs and play a significant role in shaping a more creative, mindful, and socially responsible society. Art can foster self-awareness and collective awakening and help us see the world anew. Our mission is to leverage its transformative power on our lives and our minds.Today we have embraced a new mission to connect like-minded experts in the arts, social change, finance and mindfulness sectors to discuss perspectives and solutions through our forthcoming series of online events on “Art Impact Investing, Social Change and Personal Growth”.We are delighted to announce our first event that we will be hosting at 5-6pm GMT on Wednesday 2nd December 2020 with the following panel: - Dana Enundo-Ferreira of Pavillon 54, - Freda Isingoma of Kiisa Art, - Alexandre Latour of AYITI GalleryWe will discuss the following topic: Why it matters to bring visibility to African and Haitian artists? How art lovers, collectors and investors can and should become life-changing patrons?We invite you to register here (tickets are free), attend and take part in the discussion (you can send remarks and questions before the event). We are looking forward to welcoming you in our growing community of conscious and mindful art enthusiasts. If you want to be further involved and collaborate with us, please WhatsApp us at (+44)07544997029 or email alex@ayitigallery.comThank you.Alexandre Latour (Founder AYITI Gallery)

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  • December 2, 2020 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM Ended
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AYITI Gallery is an ethical fine art company and social enterprise that reveals, empowers, and connects under-recognised emerging and forgotten artists from Haiti with the new generation of mindful and socially responsible people.Our mission is to leverage the social, economic, emotional, financial, and cultural value and potential of art. 1.tOur first goal is to support Haitian artists share their art, their vision, and their legacy, and gain International recognition.2.tOur second goal is to turn seasonal art buyers and new collectors into life-changing investors. 3.tOur third goal is to help art lovers discover and experiment the transformative power and healing benefits of Haitian art on their well-being. 4.tOur fourth goal is to build a conscious and mindful community of artists, art lovers, experts, collectors, and patrons. Our long-term vision is to become the premier ethical platform and marketplace of inspirational and immersive art. We function as a social enterprise. Unlike other galleries, artists do not pay anything to be represented. We guarantee equitable shares and the reinvestment of the profits to benefit their career, support their entrepreneurship and expand to new artists. We encourage their creative and donate 5% of our profits to local art projects led by them in their communities.

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