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Join us Sunday November 22, at 7pm for an online screening of "American Legacy Of White Supremacy" an independent documentary film produced by Darnley Hodge Jr. for Blackamoor Films.The scholar Neely Fuller Jr. said, "Until you understand white supremacy, everything you think you understand will only confuse you". The American LOWS was created to help African Americans to better understand the system and culture of white supremacy in order to effectively counter act it. This film shares profound perspectives often left out of cable news shows and important history that is often left out of schools. “I want people to understand that the problem of racism, white supremacy is bigger than an individual police officer, it’s bigger than even a Black president,” Hodge said.The American LOWS (Legacy Of White Supremacy) is an interview-based documentary that examines the global system of white supremacy and the evolution of that system in America. Interviewees include some of the nations top scholars, politicians, and authorities. This 1.5 hour groundbreaking film features interviews from:Michael Eric DysonMichael Steele Anthony Browder Jacqueline Battalora Runoko Rashidi Ashra Kwesi Roland MartinDr. Frances Cress Welsing ... and more ONLINE VIEWINGThe presentation will take place online using the ZOOM platform.Once you've purchase your ticket, you will be sent an email with a link to the event.**On the day of the event you will be emailed a reminder with the time, date and private link.After the presentation is completed, we will host a live Q&A session with the owners of Melaneyes Media Aundar Ma'at and Born Logic Allah, where you will have the opportunity to ask questions and post comments.COST**The price of this event? You choose what its worth to you. We are using the honor system for this online screening, so you are able to pay what you would like - $1 or $100 it is totally up to you.____________________________________________________This presentation is produced and moderated by Aundar Ma’at and Born Logic Allah for Melaneyes Media LLC, the producers of feature films "Walk on the River: A Black History of the Alamo City" and "Message to the People: A Story of Malcolm X." Our focus will continue to be History. This is the platform we use to propel us forward into the future.For Inquiries and Sponsorship Opportunities, Please Contact:Logic AllahTEL. 210.560.1733EMAIL:

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  • November 22, 2020 8:00 PM - 2:30 AM Ended
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Knowledge based Black films and media that are both educational and cuturally enriching.

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