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Our final section in this series will visit the known corners of South America, the Caribbean, North America, Asia, and Europe, tracing the path of the Afrikans that were left behind from the grueling Maafa. Current societies of Blacks in over one-hundred countries will be examined succinctly, with a focus on lasting traditions of Afrikanity including Afrikan musical rhthyms, Afrikan culinary traditions, Afrikan lexical contributions, Afrikan pheontypes, and additional intriguing vestiges from the Motherland such as onomastics and hair-styles.Web Ex Registration Okunini Msomi Moor, Ph.D. is an internationally renowned scholar of the Global Afrikan Diaspora. His publications are currently in use among university curricula across the United States. For the past two decades he has edited works on Black populations of the Americas which remain in high demand among universities in both South American and Central American countries. Dr. Moor holds a doctorate in Latin American and Caribbean History with a focus on the Afrikan Diaspora from Howard University in Washington, D.C. He is a member of the Washington, D.C. based International Committee for the Decade of Afrikan Descendants as declared by the United Nations in 2014. Currently Dr. Moor is teaching Afrikan Diaspora History courses at the Historically Black Florida Memorial University in Miami Gardens, Florida.

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