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African Initiatives is a project born out of an effort to establish a strong regional emphasis for Korbel students interested in African issues. Director Peter Van Arsdale and members of Korbel's Students for Africa, building on the long-standing contributions of the independent non-profit Africa Today Associates, created a dynamic structure that connects faculty and students to organizations, in Denver and points beyond, that are conducting research and community outreach to bolster Africa's growth and development.

An African Issues Concentration is now available for graduate students; the relationships among African Initiatives and its partner organizations are ever-evolving as substantive opportunities for students to mesh their studies with community work are developed. Internships, volunteer opportunities, and research projects are presented through the African Initiatives website, Korbel's Office of Career and Professional Development, a physical display, listserv outlets, and the African Initiatives Facebook page creating an integrated system to raise the profile of our partner organizations within the Korbel network and satisfy the student need for easy access to humanitarian work.

In addition, African Initiatives is committed to working with Students for Africa, and other DU organizations, to enhance networking opportunities (especially with NGOs) and produce events that enrich understandings of 21st-century Africa.

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