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Etienne teaches contemporary West African dance movement, as well as traditional dances from Southern Benin that originate from Vodoun spiritual, ceremonial and/or historical dances. They involve a lot of graceful movement, undulation of the back, and lowering of the body by bending the knees. Welcome to Etienne's class!Etienne is a professional dancer, choreographer and percussionist from Benin. He has been teaching and performing traditional and contemporary African dance for 30 years, and currently directs Gansango Music & Dance, based in Seattle.

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Gansango Music u0026 Dance presents traditional and contemporary dance and music from West Africa u2013 drawing on the stunning talent of multicultural dancers and musicians. Gansango is directed by Etienne Cakpo, originally from Benin and now a choreographer and teacher based in Seattle, Washington. Gansango company collaborating artists perform regularly in the Seattle area, nationally and internationally for audiences of all ages. The company performances fuse music and movement from across the African continent, drawing heavily from the dance and music traditions of Benin, Ghana and Togo, among other countries.

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