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Start Date: December 4th at 9:00am PT / 12:00pm ETDuration: 3 sessions over 3 weeks (Dec. 4th, Dec. 11th, Dec. 18th)Time Commitment: 90-minute virtual zoom sessions Format: Lecture, small group discussions, interactive exercises, Q&A and resources that include ion's: Check Your Bias Guide, The Activated Ally E-Book, 4-Steps to Disrupting Exclusionary Behavior Webinar RecordingFacilitators: Dr. Paul Minifee (Award-winning professor and expert in 18th and 19th century African-American history) & Shavon Lindley (culture change tech CEO and TEDx speaker)(Value $850)About this CourseDr. Paul Minifee and Shavon Lindley, ion's inclusion experts, will guide you to develop literacy and empathy on race related issues and empower you with tools to help improve the safety and space of your community and workplace. With these tools you can create spaces where all people feel like they belong. This 3-part live webinar course covers three topics:1. Educate: You will understand the roots of systemic racism in the U.S. and you will learn about discriminatory laws, policies, and cultural practices that oppress racial minorities. (Dec. 4th)2. Empower: You will examine your implicit biases through self-reflection exercises and practice courageous conversations in a way your peers and colleagues feel heard, valued, and supported. (Dec. 11th)3. Enlist: You will explore your core values and what kind of ally you can be for others. In small groups, you'll outline next steps and share your commitments to create a more inclusive community. (Dec. 18th)Please note you have to attend session 1 to attend session 2, and session 2 to attend session 3. Ticket price covers the cost for all three sessionsAbout ion LearningWho are we? We are a team of inclusion experts, PhDs, and purpose guides who are committed to serving people and impacting change systemically. Over the last 3 months, we have presented these interactive conversations around race and equality to over 3,000 people and we are committed to reaching thousands more by opening up the exclusive program to the public. Is this for me? If you want to do more to support minorities and people of color but don’t know how, this course is for you. If you have been afraid to even talk about race, then this course is for you. If you want more education on the history of racism from a historical and unbiased perspective, then this course is for you. If you know that you have a responsibility to act with wisdom, care and courage to be a stand for people of color, then this course is for you. This is a great opportunity for anyone who is committed to inclusion, knows they need to understand the facts of systemic racism and is driven to practice the skills required to create inclusive spaces.What to expect: This will be a virtual, interactive training sessions, utilizing small groups, which will get you look to into your own biases, step out of your comfort zone and uncover the realities of racial inequality and take active steps towards creating more equitable environment for all. This will involve a high level of engagement and hands on interaction throughout each session. We will learn and grow together in a psychologically safe and brave space.What happens next: You will receive guides and tools to support you beyond these three sessions. You will be invited to the Activated Allyship alumni community to share best practices and receive support from others who are committed to creating inclusive and equitable spaces.What have people said about this series? "I've been waiting 52 years to have this conversation.""The Activated Allyship Series was a powerful and thought-provoking space to engage in critical conversations about systemic racism, the impact our backgrounds have had on our perceptions of racism, and how we can grow as allies to people of color. I would highly recommend this series to any agency/individual looking to become personally and professionally more culturally competent and engaged as human rights activists.""This series was life changing."Course Survey Result72% of our participants shared that this series motivated them to make becoming an ally for African Americans a priority

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