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A casual, colorful eatery serving traditional Ethiopian dishes, with live music on weekends.

Harlem boasts of featuring a myriad of cultural styles, art and food, but Abyssiania Restaurant is the only source of Ethiopian African Cuisine in Harlem!

We started selling Injera and catering from our apartment in Harlem 8 years ago. Now, we have expanded to our brick and mortar restaurant in Harlem, where Ethiopians from all over New York City come to buy their Injera in bulk!

People in this neighborhood should not have to go away from home to eat delicious, healthy food. We put care into all the dishes we make,

We make fresh injera daily, and bring a little of East Africa to Harlem at the same time

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    8221 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring, MD, USA

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8221 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring, MD, USA

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