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Hapi – A journey through African Excellence is an online Power Point Presentation presented by Michael Belle (A Few Great Men) highlighting the impact of black African, Caribbean and the global African diasporas contribution to civilisation and today’s societies.This online presentation is presented by founder of A Few Great men Michael Belle. And the energy and passion that Michael will draw on will be one that leaves those in attendance in a motion of excellence and proudness of their culture.Through the earliest of civilisations of Kush and Kemet (modern day Sudan and Egypt) to the grandeur of Soul Train and the penetrable Smile of Malcom X, HAPI will help to install an excellence that flows into hearts and minds of all on this magical journey. About A Few Great MenA Few Great Men is an organization that aims to raise up the conscious levels of those on a quest of guidance and empowerment.A Few Great Men have conducted workshops, talks and presentations and events in various Communities, Schools, Colleges and Prisons.A Few Great Men believe that Love, Education and Truthfulness are some of the holistic elements that can produce a common unity amongst our communities.“When we learn something worth repeating it’s paramount that we do as somebody out there can learn from it” – Michael Belle (A Few Great Men Founder)

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  • November 29, 2020 2:00 PM - 8:00 PM Ended
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An online presentation highlighting the flourish of African excellence from ancient moments to todayu2019s impactful presence.

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