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2020 has been a complicated year for many of us, but we find ourselves excited, especially about the awakening and emotional healing that is happening among people of African descent. 2020 has offered us an opportunity to finally look at the violations of the last 401 years, heal, and learn the lessons needed to thrive and take up our leadership positions in the decade ahead. We invite you to join us via Zoom as we move together through a powerful Truth, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation ceremony grounded in native African traditions.In this intimate on-line gathering, we will unite as we talk about the traumas we endure as children, teens and adults and how they connect to chattel slavery. Elders and experts will unite as they speak about generational trauma and their influence on couples as they build black families. We will forgive the atrocities, reconcile with ourselves, and envision a future where all Black families are strong. Dr. Joan has a saying: "If we heal the most wounded members of every household in the African family, our nation will shift the atmosphere of the entire planet." So, we make a promise and a guarantee: If you join us, your presence alone will heal your family. Come strengthen your family for the decade ahead.Register now and get ready for change. Dr. Joan is the Founder of Becoming Canada Inc. and The Village of Peace. Dr Joan holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing from the University of Western Ontario. She founded both organizations in response to a deep desire to strengthen the capacity of individuals, families, and communities to experience a fair, just and peaceful world. Previously a professor at York University and Trinity Western University, she is a psychotherapist with a clinical track record like no other. She possesses expertise in mental health promotion, community development; and truth, forgiveness and reconciliation processes. She is a transformational speaker and author of 490: Forgive and Live fearlessly. Using her extensive background she is building a community where people of African descent can experience true peace and participate in all aspect of Canadian life. Click here to read about the vision for The Village of Peace.

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Our Business is PeaceThe Village of Peace is an independent, not-for-profit organization that is on a mission to unify people of African Descent. We use a powerful therapeutic technique to help members of the African Diaspora overcome mental health problems in just 3 sessions. We understand that our mental health is linked to the multiple and intersecting traumas associated with chattel slavery and the oppressive experiences of the past 465 years; so we have developed a culture-specific Truth, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation to help our community begin our healing journey. We invite you to partner with us we work towards building a progressive Afro-Caribbean community in Kamloops, BC.

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