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Black people all across the world were traumatized on May 25, 2020, as we watched Derek Chauvin murder George Floyd. At that moment, the whole world opened its eyes to the injustice our people face and we reached a tipping point. Anger, sadness, worry, and fear gripped us and we began a grieving process. We're not just grieving George's death, but the oppression of the past 401 years. Whether were are aware or not, we grieve our separation from our homeland, the atrocities of chattel slavery, and the anti-black racism connected to white supremacy. On December 12, 2020, starting 12:30 PM we invite you to join us via Zoom as together we shine a bright light on anti-black racism, the damage done to our family structure, and move through a community healing ceremony grounded in native African traditions. In this intimate on-line gathering, we will unite as we talk about the traumas we endure as children, teens and adults. Elders and experts will unite as they speak about generational trauma and their influence on Black couples and marriage partners. We will learn about family dynasties, forgive the atrocities, and reconcile with ourselves. It is our unity that will heal us. Strengthening the Black Family for the Decade ahead is a half-day workshop designed to help our community unify and heal together. Using a proven Truth, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation process developed by Dr. Joan Samuels-Dennis, we will speak our truth, reclaim our identity, unite and heal the wounds. Join us and strengthen your family for the decade ahead.

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