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Very Low Fees

You only pay when you sell: we keep our fees to the strict minimum (6%) to support businesses in the community. We unlock unlimited opportunities for small business on shoestring budget

Powerful and Secure Tools

Our user-friendly tools empower you to manage your store, promote your products, track your sales, and grow your business. Our platform encrypts transactions and protects against fraud. Let us do the heavy lifting while you enjoy the fun part: making money

Reach your target audience

Connect with our thousand daily visitors. We are the one-stop shop for everything African and we bring your target customer right to your doorstep

How does it work?

Become a vendor

Once your application is approved, you can list as many products as you want in minutes, and specify how you want to be paid (Paypal or Stripe)

Buyer orders a product

You are notified by email and if you don’t ship the items within 48 hours, the Buyer is automatically refunded

You ship

You can mark each item of an order as shipped by inserting a tracking URL that will be used by the Buyer to check the status of the shipment. When the tracking status indicates that the order has been delivered, you can mark the order as completed

You receive your funds

The funds will be disbursed to your PayPal or Stripe account after the Buyer confirms in the system that the order has been received, or 48 hours after you marked the order as completed

95% of the vendors are happy

  • Afrikagora gives me the opportunity to market my Event Planning / Decorator business at a very affordable price. As a result, I now have many referrals from that platform and my business is growing rapidly. The young and dynamic Afrikagora team is passionate about supporting fellow African entrepreneurs. They value the human side of the business and they deliver an outstanding customer service. As a small business owner on a niche market, Afrikagora brings value to my operation by connecting us with potential clients, allowing us to save time and money. Thank you Afrikagora, I will spread the word out there. Chantal T., Owner of Todjom Shalom Services ( Decoration / Event Planning ).
  • I am very grateful for the Afrikagora Platform that gives more exposure and visibility to our Banquet Hall. I now refer to Afrikagora all the events organizers who book our venue. Afrikagora offers them a convenient, stress-free and low fee way to sell tickets online. Pierre K., Partner with the Friendship Center ( Banquet Hall )

Looking for further information? Visit our Help Center.

Visit our Help Center

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