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African cuisine is as varied and intriguing as its people, who have a deep impact on its culinary culture. From tender and juicy meat to hot chili peppers and humble grains, African food is a blissful blend of flavors that showcase the cultural diversity and uniqueness of the continent. Africa’s gastronomic delights have gained significant influences from the cultures and aboriginal tribes of the early European, Asian and Arabic settlers, making a stronghold in everyone’s hearts.

Maybe you are an African Expat residing in the United States, perhaps you are simply in love with African food, or just want to try African cuisine for the first time. But finding traditional delicacies like bobotie, doro wat or pilau in this side of the Atlantic can be challenging. Don’t worry! Afrikagora brings to you the top African food restaurant listings in the United States to satiate your cravings.

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The restaurants listed on our website are recognized for a wide range of African cuisines, bringing to you authentic recipes, sweet dishes, popular fast food, and traditional delicacies. Some of the irresistible cuisines featured on our website are Ethiopian, Libyan, South African, and West African cuisine.

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