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all of our upcoming events proceeds to benefit Chester County residents. We are proud to promote local businesses while cocktails and hors d’oeuvres are served. Preventing Eviction. Gain Financial Stability. Supportive Housing. Services: Eviction Prevention, Graduate Outreach, Pre-Senior Housing, Shared Housing Program, Supportive Housing.
We Celebrate The Creator. Each year in June, Soul Of 
Africa Promotions presents DFW Africa Day Festival, this event brings a lot of fun lovers from the Global ...
Proceeds help fund Jamaican youth programs. Buy your tickets today before they sell out. Click on the link to learn more. Support Jamaica Today. Help Jamaica Now.


in Philadelphia, PA. A Taste of African Heritage. African Dance Bootcamp Featuring Afro-Beats. Black Professionals Holiday @ African American Museum. FREE LECTURE: African American Education in the 19th Century. FREE LECTURE: 19th-Century Delaware Law for African Americans
African events in Philadelphia, PA. Black Professionals Holiday @ African American Museum. Philadelphia's Kwanzaa Celebration featuring: Kenny Gamble, Sonia Sanchez, Universal African Dance & Drum Ensemble. Free. African Dance Bootcamp Featuring Afro-Beats. Free. NAASC Philadelphia/Mary Schmidt Campbell Author
Updating the world on 
African cultural events, history, heritage, and entertainment.
Read our picks for 
Africa's best festivals and events as it's worth planning your vacation to Africa around any of these top festivals and events.
The annual Odunde Street Festival brings a genuine taste of 
Africa to South ... with an abundance of cultural, historical and family-friendly events.
View the latest 
Africa news and videos from Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Libya, Liberia, and other African countries on CNN.com.
Africa is the festival continent. Throughout the whole continent, colorful and vibrant festivals range through musical, religious, cultural and harvest to name just a
Read our picks for 
Africa's best festivals and events as it's worth planning your vacation to Africa around any of these top festivals and events
The annual Odunde Street Festival brings a genuine taste of Africa to South ... with an abundance of cultural, historical and family-friendly events.
View the latest 
Africa news and videos from Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Libya, Liberia, and other African countries on CNN.com
Africa is the festival continent. Throughout the whole continent, colorful and vibrant festivals range through musical, religious, cultural and harvest to name just a ...
The best 
African events from across the world including African conferences, networking, classes, social and cultural events. Visit Movemeback Events for great. 
This is the third lecture in the W.E.B. Du Bois Lecture series entitled West 
Africa in the Age of Ascent. This year's lecturer is Professor Michael A. Gomez. Gomez 
As we struggle with military coverage of the entire Empire, South Africa has approached us about an administrative agreement. Our colonies in Southern and
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African news from BBC News in Africa: breaking news, features, analysis, and special reports plus audio and video from across the African continent.
African World Festival Join the community celebration of the year! ... and crafts, African drumming and dance, hundreds of vendors, ethnic foods, and events ..
The 2018 Pan African Festival will be bigger and better than ever (check ... This family-friendly event will feature delicious Caribbean and Soul
Events ... in the intersectional community and coalition building. On Duke campus, Asian American activism also has strong ties to African
African Events
. Meet with African diplomats, experience amazing culture through music and dance, learn about the culture of the everlasting tribes, and 
Black Cultural Events provides event and directory listings of restaurants, museums, art centers, theaters and landmarks for African Americans in Los Angeles.
As the first event during Global LGBTI Business Week, a panel of experts ... The Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa, His Excellency 
Culture and religion share space and are deeply intertwined in African cultures. In Ethiopia, Christianity and Islam form the core aspects of Ethiopian culture and inform dietary customs as well as rituals and rites.

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Popular for the ancient Egyptian Pyramids and its huge cultural heritage, the continent is also known to be the origin of civilization and written language dating back to more than 4000 years. Africa is also known for being one of the hottest places on earth.

tradition is a belief or behavior passed down within a group or society with symbolic meaning or special significance with origins in the past.
Music is a form of communication and it plays a functional role in African society. Songs accopany marriage, birth, rites of passage, hunting and even political activities. In certain African communities music is often believed to ward off evil spirits and to pay respects to good spirits, the dead and ancestors

The major faiths practiced in South Africa are Christianity, Islam, Hinduism,traditional African religions and Judaism. European and other foreign settlers brought most of these religions. Traditional African religion is very popular and arrived here with our North and West African ancestors.
African(s) may refer to: Anything from or pertaining to the continent of Africa: People who are native to Africa, descendants of natives of Africa, or individuals who trace their ancestry to indigenous inhabitants of Africa. Ethnic groups of Africa.African diaspora.

A networking community for business professionals

A networking community for business professionals working in Johannesburg, South Africa Learn about working at Africa Business Communities. ... See who you know at Africa Business Communities, leverage your professional network, and get hired. Africa Business Communities is a Digital B2B Publisher that enables companies and organizations to connect with African Business Professionals. Africa Business Communities is a Digital B2B Publisher that enables ... and organizations to connect with African Business Professionals.

Africa Business Communities is a Digital B2B Publisher that enables companies and organizations to connect with African Business ProfessionalsAfrica  Africa's young entrepreneurs keep moving the needle. ... service and a network of community-based agents going the last mile, to ensure solar ... which provides Executive Education Programs to professionals, executives and Ahmad Mokhles, Liquid Telecom's COO, discusses the company's plans to install fibre optic infrastructure linking up Central and West Africa. Liquid Telecom 
Career Opportunities at Africa Business Communities for Part time Junior ... Sales Executive in Nairobi, Kenya for job seekers and professionalsAfrica Business Communities is a Digital B2B Publisher that enables ... and organizations to connect with African Business ProfessionalsAfrica 
Africa Business Communities is a Digital B2B Publisher that enables ... and organizations to connect with African Business ProfessionalsAfrica ...

With more than 1.4 million members Africa Business Communities is the largest player on LinkedIn in Africa. The Pan-African Weekend is an annual destination event for the ... The forum provides a platform for ambitious and talented young professional women to network ... As Commissioner of the NYC Department of The Pan-African Weekend is an annual destination event for the ... The forum provides a platform for ambitious and talented young professional women to network ... As Commissioner of the NYC Department of Small Business Services (SBS), Gregg ... self-sufficiency and mobility for New York City's diverse communitiesSmall Business Services (SBS), Gregg ... self-sufficiency and mobility for New York City's diverse communities  According to claims in an increasing number of business magazines, Africa is ..... Building on a professional Development Workshop organized at the ..... of relationships: Language as an essential tool to manage CSR in communities of place.  Professional Master of Science Doing Business in Sub-Saharan Africa (distance ... economic community of West African States, Southern African Development
Professional services matter for East African development. ... there are a number of business oriented professional services which include accounting, ... offer an important avenue for export diversification in the East African Community
economic and professional opportunities in Africa. With donor funding ... an influential segment of the business community, who describe themselves as the 'new. GBTA South Africa is the first buyer-led South African business travel and ... of a professional, buyer-led community representing nearly two thousand buyers and We want professional hosts to organize B2B events about Africa. ... Africa Business Communities is a big player as to online communities. The purpose of The Young Professionals Program (YPP) at the African Development Bank Group ... between the African and American business communities and provide future 
CFO South Africa launched in September 2011 and has become a leading ... or finance professionally interested in the South African business environment, ... Your opportunity to be part of the most active finance and accounting community is ... Movemeback is the global member's community connecting talented professionals, leaders, entrepreneurs & students with exciting African career,  Here are the best Africa volunteer programs this year. ... in a safe, socially responsible, and impactful way, Love Volunteers is a pro. They're .... Popular projects: Arts, businesscommunity, conservation, healthcare, education The Chamber will foster a vibrant and interconnected business community where ... REPRESENTATION: to be the voice of small business in Africa by being aware ... to create awareness of the business, commercial, industrial and professional ... Some stories talk of multi-million dollar business triumphs, whilst others are ... to lift themselves, their families, or their communities out of economic hardship. ..... is a key concern and one that needs addressing by experienced professionals.
6th edition of the Africa business agenda draws on the survey results of ... role that businesses are expected to play in the broader community are reshaping the ... of Black Securities and Investment Professionals (ABSIP), the Batseta Council ... Great economic opportunities exist for American and South African ... can do business with our counterparts in the African financial community Strong growth is expected to persist in cross-border business with African ... Working together – keep updated, join our Africa Community of Interest Group .... and other finance professionals, so we encourage you to book your place early.

African events

Is Black History Month a holiday?
The precursor to Black History Month was created in 1926 in the United States when historian Carter G. Woodson and the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History announced the second week of February to be "Negro History Week"

What holidays do Nigerians celebrate?
Eid al Maulud. Held in February, this is the first major Muslim festival celebrated of the year in Nigeria. ...
Argungu Fishing Festival. This is an annual four-day fishing festival that has been held in the northwestern state of Kebbi since 1934. ...
Easter. ...
Osun Festival. ...
Eid al Fitri. ...
Eid al Kabir. ...
Calabar Carnival. ...
Christmas Day.
Is April 30 a holiday?
April 30. This is the latest accepted revision, reviewed on 25 September 2018. April 30 is the 120th day of the year (121st in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 245 days remaining until the end of the year.

How old is African culture?

Human remains were discovered at Omo in Ethiopia that was dated at 195,000 years old, the oldest known in the world. 2. Skeletons of pre-humans have been found in Africa that date back between 4 and 5 million years.

What are some interesting facts about Africa?
Interesting Africa Facts - Africa Landforms. The longest river in the world, the Nile (4,132 miles), is located in Africa. Africa has the world's largest desert, the Sahara, which is almost the size of the United States. Victoria Falls is the largest waterfall in Africa; it is 355 feet high and one mile wide.

What are the values of the culture?
Cultural values are the core principles and ideals upon which an entire community exists. This is made up of several parts: customs, which are traditions and rituals; values, which are beliefs; and culture, which is all of a group's guiding values.

Who named Africa Africa?
The Name Africa is of African Origins from the Egyptian Word "Afru-ika" or 'Motherland." Africanus...The name signifies that the person named himself After Africa. One thing is certain, Greek and Latin have Egyptian linguistic influences although both are Indo-European languages

Who is the God of Africa?
African ancestors created all the initial intermediary Gods and Deities known to man. African intermediary Gods include Olokun, the Goddess of beauty, arts, culture, poetry, love, marriage, femininity and fertility. Orunmila, the God of wisdom, scholarship, and learning

What kind of food does African eat?
In some areas, traditional peoples consume the milk and blood of cattle, but rarely the meat. Elsewhere, other peoples are farmers who grow a variety of grains and vegetables. Maize (corn) is the basis of ugali, the local version of West Africa's fufu. Ugali is a starch dish eaten with meats or stews.

What are customs in culture?
A custom (also called a tradition) is a common way of doing things. It is something that many people do, and have done for a long time. Usually, people come from the same country, culture, or religion. Many customs are things that people do that are handed down from the past.

What is an example of culture?
noun. The definition of culture means a particular set of customs, morals, codes, and traditions from a specific time and place. An example of culture is the Ancient Greek civilization. Culture is defined as a high degree of taste, knowledge, and interest in arts, literature and other scholarly fields.

What is Filipino culture and tradition?
Social Beliefs And Customs. The social beliefs and customs practiced in the Philippines are primarily influenced by religion and demographics of the region where they are practiced. The traditional customs of the indigenous Filipinos are based on the beliefs of the Austronesian inhabitants of the Philippines.

This festival is East Africa's premier cultural event and it takes place annually on the historic island of Zanzibar. You can enjoy music, arts, ...

Africa is the festival continent. Throughout the whole continent, colorful and vibrant festivals range through musical, religious, cultural and harvest to name just a ...

The African Cultural Festival is a biannual event held in the fall and spring semesters to share different aspects of African languages and cultures with the Penn ..

Calendar · Workshops and Conferences · Colloquia · Scholar for a Day · African Cultural Festival · Past Events. The Africa Center

10 Important Holidays and Celebrations for Black People
Kwanzaa. Kwanzaa is a week-long celebration held in the United States and in other nations of the Western African diaspora in the Americas. ...
Indigenous Peoples' Day. ...
Black Love Day. ...
African Countries' Independence Day. ...
Dashiki Friday. ...
Juneteenth. ...
Black History Month ...
Tjungu Festival

10 Important Holidays and Celebrations for Black People – Rebellious ...
Nov 7, 2015 - 10 Important Holidays and Celebrations for Black People. Kwanzaa. Kwanzaa is a week-long celebration held in the United States and in other nations of the Western African diaspora in the Americas. Indigenous Peoples' Day. Black Love Day. African Countries' Independence Day. Dashiki Friday. Juneteenth. Black History ...
Basics – Public Holidays and National Celebrations in South Africa
https://www.inyourpocket.com › South Africa › Johannesburg
May 5, 2014 - South Africa has 12 public holidays. No matter how solemn their intention, they are regarded by most as shopping-extravaganza days. The city ...
Central African Republic Holidays and Festivals - iExplore
New Year's Day. January 1 is a public holiday and is celebrated with gatherings by families and friends. Anniversary of Barthélemy Boganda's Death. Easter Monday. Independence Day. Feast of the Assumption. National Day. Christmas Day.
Public holidays in South Africa - Wikipedia
A list of current public holidays in South Africa: Date, Name, Instituted. 1 January, New Year's .... Jump up ^ "First celebration of May Day in South Africa". South ...
‎Once-off holidays · ‎Religious public holidays · ‎Historical public holidays
African Festivals and Events
Each year the semi-nomadic Mbororo people gather for a week of incredible celebrations known as the Gerewol, a colorful festival that is one of Africa's most ...
‎Chad · ‎Ghana · ‎Kenya · ‎Zanzibar
[PDF]African-American Holidays, Festivals, and Celebrations - Omnigraphics
by K Gay - ‎Cited by 2 - ‎Related articles
African-American. Holidays, Festivals, and Celebrations. The History, Customs, and Symbols Associated with Both Traditional and Contemporary. Religious and ...
African American Holidays, Festivals, and Celebrations ...
African-American Holidays, Festivals, and Celebrations present the history, customs, symbols, and lore of more than 100 diverse holidays and festivals ...
[PDF]African-American Holidays, Festivals, and Celebrations - ResearchGate
Apr 26, 1999 - African-American holidays, festivals, and celebrations: the history, customs, and symbols associated with both traditional and contemporary ...
African - Religious Holidays - Read the Spirit
Dec 26, 2017 - An African American and pan-African holiday, Kwanzaa is—in both conception and practice—a world-encompassing celebration.
A List of Holidays of Interest to African Americans - Thought
https://www.thoughtco.com › Humanities › Issues › Race Relations › History
Feb 17, 2018 - More holidays appear on U.S. calendars each year than Americans can keep up ... Ever since African Americans have celebrated that date as ...

Upcoming African business events, conferences, forums, summits, expos & symposiums from around the world. Submit your event for listing. Updating the world on African cultural events, history, heritage, and entertainment. Black economic community investment event for buying back the neighborhood... Sat, Dec 8, 11:00 am. Morris Estate Recreation Center, Philadelphia, PA.
The best African events from across the world including African conferences, networking, classes, social ... Visit Movemeback Events for great African focused internationally sourced events. ... EVENT LISTING

For over 45 years New African provides unparalleled insights and analysis on African politics and economics, via an African perspective, always. With our ...
his listserv is used for posting announcements about events supported by and related to the Center for African Studies, University of Illinois
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Meetings Africa 2019 - Africa's business tourism lekgotla. Register now as an exhibitor, hosted buyer, visitor, or media member.

Top startup events in South Africa, Africa you should know about this week [3/12/2018]By Staff Reporter on 2 December, 2018 13email This week in Cape Town, the city’s leading tech organisations will celebrate its innovation at several Cape Town Startup Week events between Monday (3 December) and Thursday (6 December). In Egypt, one of the Middle East’s biggest entrepreneurship gatherings, RiseUp Summit 2018, will kick off on Friday (7 December). This article is part of a weekly series that highlights all the top startup events, competitions, networking sessions, workshops and conferences in Africa. If you have any event recommendations for us to add to the list, or next week’s, please let us know in the comments below or send us an email. Not all of the events are free and some will require booking in advance. Please click on the event names to find out more information. Cape Town Lean Coffee For those that work in startups, lean (startup) coffee is a weekly one-hour coffee meetup that runs a mash-up of leancoffee.org with theleanstartup.com. Unlike other startup meetups, lean (startup) coffee has no set agenda or a line-up of speakers — instead the talks are centred around what you care about. Date: 12 December, 8.30am to 9.30am Location: 1 Somerset Road, Green Point, Cape Town Future Females Workshop Future Females will kick off Cape Town Startup Week with a workshop titled “How to show up, know your power and use your influence”. Date: 3 December, 6pm to 9pm Location: Workshop17, 17 Dock Road, Cape Town Heavy Chef: SA’s top five most exciting startups Join Heavy Chef as it announces the winners of its Top 5 Most Exciting Startups for 2018 awards. Date: 4 December, 6pm to 11.30pm Location: Workshop17, 17 Dock Road, Cape Town How to win at Youtube with Dan MAce and Willie Morris Youtube star Dan Mace and his manager Willie Morris will conduct a four-hour Heavy Chef masterclass on what it takes to become a world-class YouTube creator. Date: 4 December, 9am to 1pm Location: Workshop17, 17 Dock Road, Cape Town Town hall meeting: Immigration policy and our ecosystem Silicon Cape — in partnership with LaunchLab, Wesgro and De Saude Attorneys at Law — will host this town hall meeting, where the organisation will highlight key issues around South Africa’s immigration policy and propose a process to respond to the legislation as a collective. Date: 4 December, 12.30pm to 13.30 Location: InvestSA Centre, 46 St Georges Mall, Cape Town Startup Grind Cape Town: How to Scale Like Uber with Gabriel Luna-Ostaseski Gabriel Luna-Ostaseski, the founder of home improvement marketplace Modernize and growth accelerator Upshift Partners, will present a Heavy Chef masterclass on scaling your business or project. Date: 5 December, 5.30pm to 8pm Location: Workshop17, 17 Dock Road, Cape Town Blockchain Conference This conference aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of blockchain technology. It focuses on how to address the implementation challenges, make best use of the opportunities and benefit from the innovation and disruption that this technology brings. Date: 7 December, 9am to 6pm Location: President Hotel, 4 Alexander Road, Cape Town Johannesburg SA Earth Observation Challenge Join the finalists of the SA Earth Observation Challenge as they showcase their solutions for earth observation data. The challenge is an initiative of the SA National Space Agency, Digital Globe and the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA). RSVP to [email protected] Date: 6 December, 10.30am Location: The Wanderers Club, 21 North Street, Johannesburg Algeria Algeria 2.0 Algeria 2.0 is a five-day conference that features workshops, competitions and exhibitions in ICT. More than 150 speakers will cover topics that include startups, the Internet of Things and the cloud. Date: 4 to 8 December, 8.30am to 7pm Location: Cyber Park Sidi Abdellah, Rahmania, Zeralda Egypt RiseUp Summit 2018 The sixth edition of the RiseUp Summit, one of the Middle East’s biggest entrepreneurship gatherings, kicks off this week. The summit will feature talks and sessions by some of the world’s leading decision makers, tech experts, innovators and entrepreneurs. Date: 7 to 9 December Location: The Greek Campus 171 Tahrir Street, Bab El Louk, Cairo Or 28 Falaki Street, Bab El Louk, Cairo Africa 2018 Forum This forum will convene more than 1000 leaders in business and policy from across Africa and the world. It promises to be the biggest and most important gatherings taking place in Africa this year. Look out for the Young Entrepreneurs Day taking place on the first day of the forum. Date: 6 December Location: Maritim Jolie Ville International Congress Center, Cairo AUC Venture Lab – Demo Day Fall 2018 Join AUC Venture Lab to get early access to startups from different industries and explore their contribution to Egypt’s economic growth and competitiveness. Date: 5 December, 5.30pm to 8.30pm Location: Moataz Al Alfi Hall, Cairo Governorate Ghana MEST Africa Information Session Do you aspire to build your own Pan-African software company? Do you want to learn more about how you can join one of the largest pan-African tech incubators? Join the MEST Africa team as they share their experience working with entrepreneurs from across the continent. Date: 3 December, 5.30pm to 6.30pm Location: MEST Incubator Accra, 19 Banana Street, Accra MEST Presents: Sales 101 MEST is launching a five-week Sales 101 Workshop series targeting entrepreneurs, startups, students and professionals looking to master their sales skills and close more deals. Date: 5 December, 3pm to 5pm Location: MEST Accra Incubator, East-Legon, Accra, 19 Banana Street, East Legon, Accra Nigeria Luno Lagos Meetup: Building trust in Nigeria’s cryptocurrency market Join this event to learn how cryptocurrency startup Luno is improving cryptocurrency literacy in the Nigerian market. Date: 8 December, 10am to 1pm Location: Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel, Lagos VI, 1a Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue, Idera Hall, Lagos Tanzania Tanzania Financial Inclusion Summit 2018 This summit will focus on the critical challenges and opportunities of the next generation of financial inclusions within East Africa. To find out more or to buy your tickets, email [email protected] Date: December, 9am to 5pm Location: Julius Nyerere International Convention Center, Dar es Salaam Zambia Users First: Implementing privacy and free expression for tech startups in Zambia At this Facebook workshop, Global Partners Digital will guide participants through a series of practical steps that they can take to build products that put the user first — building consumer trust, opening opportunities for investment and ensuring compliance with the law. Date: 6 December, 9am to 3.30pm Location: BongoHive, Plot 16948B, Thabo Mbeki Rd, Lusaka BongoHive Launch Accelerator’s 8th Demo Night Join BongoHive Launch Accelerator startups as they pitch their solutions to a panel of judges and the audience.

What sets ACCES apart from other trade events in Africa? Jess White (Akum Agency)'s picture By Jess White (Aku... 14 Nov 2018 - 14:09 Follow The Music In Africa Conference for Collaborations, Exchange and Showcases, or more commonly know as ACCES, stands out from the other trade events within the continent due to its pan-African focus and its ability to attract music industry players from East, West, South and North Africa. Music In Africa director Eddie Hatitye answers questions from the Kenyan media at the ACCES 2018 press conference in Nairobi. There are many great trade events developing the African music industry: Visa For Music: focusing mainly on connecting North Africa with the Arab world. Atlantic Music Expo (AME): a platform to connect artists across the Atlantic Ocean. Indian Ocean Music Market (IOMMA): a platform to connect Indian Ocean nations. DOADOA: a platform to connect and promote East African music. Sima: a platform to connect and promote West African music. However, ACCES is arguably the only trade event with a continent-wide mission. The first edition in Dakar`, Senegal, in 2017 attracted industry players representing over two-thirds of the continent. It's clear that ACCES' mission is to develop the professionalism of the music industry across the continent, which is a big task when you have 54 countries, countless languages and different cultures. By rotating through a different African city each year (this year it will be held in Nairobi, Kenya), the conference has the opportunity to change the focus areas of conference topics, create a dialogue with different partners on a wide range of issues and allow a regional focus for the showcase element, this year being East Africa. With the Music In Africa Foundation rotating its curating committee each year, it ensures that the platform remains fresh and vibrant with no vested interests being pushed through. Why you should attend ACCES? ACCES is held over three days, offering a diverse programme, which can benefit both experienced and emerging music industry professionals. With presentations, workshops, networking sessions, panel discussions and live showcases, ACCES has already become a formidable platform in only two years. Casting an eye at some of the players coming to Nairobi this year, you have representatives from The Orchard, Africori, IDOL, Deezer, Sheer Publishing, SACEM, Okaymusic, Sakifo Festival, Sauti za Busara, Bayimba, Afropolitan Vibes, Afrikayna and much more. This is your chance to rub shoulders with some of the key movers and shakers of the African music industry. ACCES offers the chance to: Connect with the broader music industry from across the continent. Showcase to artist managers, booking agents, festival bookers and music distribution companies. Promote your work/company to local, regional and international professionals. Make new, sustainable partnerships. Learn and develop new ideas. Jess White is the founder of Akum Agency. More about ACCES ACCES is a pan-African event for music industry players to exchange ideas, discover new talent and create business linkages. ACCES is held in a different African city every year, attracting active music industry players from across the globe. ACCES is organised by the Music In Africa Foundation, a non-profit and pan-African organisation, in partnership with Siemens Stiftung, Goethe-Institut, Alliance Francaise, Kenya’s Permanent Presidential Music Commission (PPMC), MagicalKenya and the Kenya Cultural Centre. For more information, including registration and sponsorship opportunities, visit the ACCES website or download the ACCES 2018 brochure here.

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