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What We Do? The African Expat Guide Are you an African living or traveling overseas? Or maybe you are not African but are simply interested in the African culture? Are you looking for an immigration lawyer, a roommate, a nanny, a job, an education or career orientation service, an African dance studio, African Art museums, an Afro-inclusive event, a place to eat African food, to buy African products, or to meet fellow Africans? Do you want to experience home away from home? What if you could find everything you need for your expat experience in one place? Welcome to Afrikagora, the comprehensive expat guide for the African diaspora. At Afrikagora, we connect people, we empower communities, we create experiences, and we help businesses grow. Who We Are Afrikagora is a brand of Bangwa Seeds, LLC, a Digital Media agency founded by young Africans working in the IT and Marketing fields in the United States. They have the vision to empower their community by providing actionable information in a one-stop shop. We are committed to ensuring that the platform is of utmost usefulness to our visitors. Our talented team is led by our CEO and co-founder, Joseph Kuate (Joe Kuate) who has been living in the United States for almost two decades now. Joe is a Petroleum Engineer by training and has worked in several survival jobs upon arriving in the United States. He also lived in several big cities chasing the American dream. In 2007 he made up his mind and decided to settle in Houston, Texas in order to go back to school and raise his kids in a more family-friendly environment. Looking back, this was a wise decision. Joe is now an accomplished Engineer and he brings to Afrikagora his thought leadership and breadth of experience integrating into the United States as an African Immigrant. What We Offer 1. Business Directory In our Business Directory, you can find local institutions or businesses catering to the needs of the African diaspora: Embassies or Consulates, Immigration services, relocation assistance organizations, Foreign degrees credential evaluation institutions, translation services, career development and training providers, restaurants, hair salons, travel agencies, international food stores, African cloth or Art stores, cosmetics or hair products stores, events decorators, financial planners, accountants, driving schools, and much more… Afrikagora Business Directory provides a platform for small business owners, institutions and corporate companies to list their businesses, and we make their contact information available to the global consumer market. We pride ourselves on providing our members with the most profitable opportunities to promote their businesses on the global scene. You can register your business with us and we will put you ahead of your competitors by increasing the visibility of your business, thus, helping you to increase your sales and profits. List your business today! 2. Events Guide Going out? Looking for an Afrocentric experience, or just looking to party the African way? Afrikagora Events, our events guide, showcases and mainstreams thousands of Afro-black events each month. At Afrikagora, we make sure you do not leave your once very boisterous and happy African lifestyle to a life of fear and limitations. Naturally, human beings are social beings; but Africans are even more sociable. Whether you are in the mood for African-inclusive parties, networking conventions, street parties, movie premieres, sports events, festivals and performances, exhibitions and shows, classes & workshops and any other type of events, you can browse our events section to see the latest and eclectic Afro-black events trending in your localities. And if you need help planning your event, look up for professionals or events planners in our Business Directory. Create your event now! 3. Classified Ads We also have a classified Ads section to facilitate exchanges between members: This is the right place to find like-minded people to hire or conduct business by buying and selling a wide variety of products and services. You are not a business but want to sell items on a small scale to the African niche target? You’ve just arrived and are looking for work? You have a community-oriented talent that you want to market? You want to hire a native language tutor for your kids? Post a classified Ad on “Afrikagora Classified” and reach thousands of people who understand your needs.. Post an ad now! 4. Magazine From the moment you leave your country of origin until you’ve settled in and beyond – Our magazine provides valuable and actionable information to help you navigate your country of adoption and get established into your new environment. We want to make sure you enjoy your expat experience to the fullest! The magazine offers practical tips and advice about jobs, rebuilding your career, finances, investment opportunities, life insurance, education, raising kids, Health, retirement, or overcoming pressing challenges faced by the community. The magazine also highlights outstanding success stories to inspire and motivate fellow members. We are committed to providing comprehensive and up-to-date information for business development, immigration and travel. Our members from around the world depend on us to educate and enlighten them. Our editorial teams work with a network of global journalists, correspondents, expatriates, and Africans in diaspora to ensure our content are informative, up-to-date and relevant. Read our magazine. We Help Businesses Grow…Pro Bono Afrikagora unlocks powerful marketing opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses by increasing their visibility and connecting them to their target audiences…for FREE. Yes, FREE. Businesses or Event Organizers can develop their brand image, promote their business or products, and turn visitors into buyers with our trusted reviews. In addition to the traditional features, our fully managed listings are loaded with an engaging design, videos (regular or 360), your social media feeds, and the option to share your listing to the large Afrikagora social media community. With all these FREE features, your listing will get noticed and your business will undoubtedly grow. Event Organizers can save time and money by selling tickets online with our low-fees, stress-free and secure online ticketing solution. List your business or event now…Drive further awareness and get instantly connected with your target audiences. What Do You Stand to Gain by Joining Us? We are a closely knitted community of people from around the African continent. By joining this community, you meet people that would make you feel like you are not so far away from home. You will meet people with big heart who are willing to help you with the basics of livelihood in your environment. As you can see, we provide a bunch of information, but it is clear and very well organized: Listings are grouped by listing types (Business, Events, Classified Ads), categories and cities to help you retrieve listings near you faster. Our user-friendly interface makes your browsing experience very enjoyable. Our 24/7 Customer Service will assist you with any issues or questions. 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